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The DataGalaxy Web API allows you to manipulate your metamodel using unitary and bulk HTTP requests.

Our API is organized around the REST architecture.

It accepts and returns JSON-encoded data and uses standard HTTP response codes, verbs, and authentication with access tokens.

What can I do with DataGalaxy's API ?

Short answer: Nearly everything you do in the DataGalaxy Web App can also be done using the API.

Manipulate your metamodel

  • 🛠 Create, Read, Update, and Delete every object in your metamodel
  • ✍️ Edit their content
  • 🔗 Create lineages using links
  • 🏷 Create, Read, Update, and Delete your attributes and their layout

And all of the above can be done in bulk 🏋️

Make advanced search queries

🔍 Our Search API allows you to use the full power of the DataGalaxy Web App search feature.

Manage your users

  • 🛠 Create, Read, Update, and Delete users in your DataGalaxy instance
  • 🛂 Manage user's DataGalaxy licenses
  • 🔌 Plug your user provisioning service to our SCIM API

Getting started

Get started right now and make your first API call in under a few minutes ⏱

Follow our step-by-step getting started guides to: